Hidden in Plain Sight

As a parent you're the most  powerful influence in your child's life.

About Hidden in Plain Sight

Our staff & volunteers

HIPS Committee:

Kristin Huisenga, CSAC Executive Director, Coordinator of Gateway ImpACT Coalition (staff)

Lauren Schwandt, Coordinator of Camanche-DeWitt Coalition (staff)

Sgt. Det. Steve Cundiff, Clinton County Sheriff's Office, (CDC Co-chair)

Gabe Gluba-Director of Clinical Services, ASAC (CSAC Board)

Duane Hansen, DeWitt Noon Lions (CDC Executive Committee)

Assistant Chief Bill Greenwalt, Clinton Police Department

Gina Gregoire, Probation/Parole

Sgt. Kelli Smith, Camanche Police Department

Jacie Wherry, Director of Behavioral Health Services, Mercy Medical Center

SRO Justin Witt, DeWitt Police Department/ Central DeWitt Schools

This project would not be possible with law enforcement support!  Thank you to:

Camanche Police Department

Clinton County Sheriff's Office

Clinton Police Department

DeWitt Police Department

Our history

Hidden in Plain Sight is a trailer with a typical teenage bedroom set up inside it, with drug paraphernalia “Hidden in Plain Sight.”  This is an interactive display/program that offers adults insights into current trends in youth substance abuse, drug paraphernalia, concealment of illicit drugs & alcohol.  Volunteers educate parents about drug trends, paraphernalia, how to talk to youth about alcohol & drugs, and what to do if a problem is suspected.  

In 2017, the Camanche-DeWitt Coalition and the Gateway ImpACT Coalition partnered on Hidden in Plain Sight project.

Our goals

1. Increase awareness of youth substance abuse issues including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drug abuse, and other illicit drug use.

2. Increase the number of parents who talk to their children about alcohol and drugs.

3. Increase awareness of the Camanche-DeWitt Coalition and the Gateway ImpACT Coalition.

Thank you to our sponsors


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Camanche-DeWitt Coalition/Gateway ImpACT Coaltion

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Monday - Friday: 730AM-330PM or by appointment

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How it works

How does this work?

"Hidden In Plain Sight" can be presented in one of two ways:

Open House – After the bedroom is set up, attendees can walk through the exhibit with a guide who points out items of interest inside the room.  Other informational and display materials can be positioned outside the exhibit for review and inspection.

Presentation –Small groups are allowed a few minutes each to inspect the room.  After about 30 minutes have elapsed, a member of law enforcement (or other knowledgeable person) makes a presentation to the entire group.  A question and answer period may follow. 

What you will learn

After participating, participants will know: 

When and how parents should start talking to their children about drugs; 

Key times youth are at risk for substance abuse issues; 

Risk factors of youth substance abuse;

Signs and symptoms of substance abuse;

Common ways/places drugs are hidden;

Paraphernalia used in the processing and use of illicit drugs;

Law Enforcement's experiences in combating alcohol and drug abuse;

What youth are saying about substance abuse issues in the communities;

Local & National resources for those seeking help and information.

Camanche-DeWitt Coalition

The Camanche-DeWitt Coalition is a community coalition.


To make Camanche and DeWitt and surrounding areas safe and healthy environments for our youth;

Increase community collaboration to prevent and reduce substance use among youth;

Reduce substance use among youth and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the factors in a community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

Mission Statement

Through partnership and collaboration, work to reduce unhealthy use and abuse of substances and related issues by youth and, over time, adults in Camanche and DeWitt and surrounding areas.

Thank you!

Thank You to the following for your donation towards the "Hidden In Plain Sight" project:

Diamond Sponsors:

Clinton County Development Association

Mercy Medical Center

Platinum Sponsor:

Lions Clubs: DeWitt Noon, Low Moor, Clinton

Gold Sponsors: 

O-Thompson Construction; Camanche Lutheran Church; Wagner Pharmacy; Denise & Norlin Mommsen

Silver Sponsors:

Petersen-Hagge Furniture

Bronze Sponsors:

Home Depot; Carpetland USA; Hartz Lock Company; Scott Drug Pharmacy; Paul’s Discount Store; St. Joseph Catholic School-8th Grade Class; Family & Friends of the Coalitions; Phoenix Gifts & Tobacco; The Vapor Shop; SA Liquor & Tobacco Mart

In the news

CCDA announces Fund B grants 

By Jacqueline Covey jcovey@clintonherald.com Sep 20, 2017 

Clinton Substance Abuse Council, increased awareness and safety for Hidden in Plain Sight, $4,331.


Gateway ImpACT Coalition


Coordinating and empowering Clinton community area’s effort to keep our communities healthy, safe, and drug free.


The Gateway ImpACT Coalition, through collaboration, works to develop solutions to community problems that are related to substance abuse issues through the process of facilitation, cooperation, education, and communication.